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Green Product
Elba MyColour Lever Arch File A4 White and Lime 100081032
Green Product
Elba Board Lever Arch File A4 Blue (Pack of 10) B1045703
Green Product
Elba Square Cut Folder Mediumweight 250gsm Foolscap Buff (Pack of 100) 100090216
Elba Plastic Suspension File Inserts (Pack of 65) 100330219
Green Product
Elba Panorama 65mm 2 D-Ring Presentation Binder A4 White (Pack of 4) 400008048
Elba Suspension File Azo Vbtm FC Manilla Green (Pack of 25) 100330318
Elba Classy Ring Binder Metallic Purple FOC 10 Part Divider BX810432
Green Product
Elba Square Cut Folder Mediumweight 250gsm Foolscap Assorted (Pack of 25) 100090142
Elva Jan-Dec 12 Part A4 Assorted 400008983
Elba 5 Tabbed Folder Manilla 250g FC Pink (Pack of 20) 100090236
Elba 10-Part Pressboard Divider Heavyweight A4 Bright Multi 400007513
Green Product
Elba Pocket Report File A4 Assorted (Pack of 25) 400055040
Green Product
Elba A4 Black 25mm Paper Over Board Ring Binder (Pack of 10) 400033495
Elba Ring Binder 25mm Capacity A4 Blue 400104456
Elba Polyvision A4 Clear Presentation Ring Binder (Pack of 12) 100081049
Green Product
Elba 70mm Lever Arch File Plastic White A4 100080902
Elba Punch Pocket Green Spine A4 Clear (Pack of 100) 400002137
Elba 70mm Lever Arch File A3 Blue (Pack of 2) 400008441
Elba Ulti Vert Suspension File 30mm FC Green (Pack of 50) 100331114
Elba Suspension File PP Foolscap Blue (Pack of 25) 100330370
Elba 5-Part Divider 160gsm Manilla Multipunched A4 White 100204880
Elba 25mm 2 O-Ring Binder A5 Red (Pack of 10) 100082444
Elba A4 Ring Binder 25mm 2 x O Ring (Pack of 10) 400001507
Elba Polyvision A3 Maxi Portrait Clear 30mm 4 D-Ring Presentation Binder (Pack of 5) 100080802
Green Product
Elba 70mm Lever Arch File Upright A3 Black 100080746
Green Product
Elba Spirosort Spring Files Foolscap Green (Pack of 25) 100090160
Green Product
Elba Panorama 70mm 2 D-Ring Presentation Lever Arch File A4 White (Pack of 5) 400008436
Elba Square Cut Folder Manilla 320gsm FC Green (Pack of 50) 100090022
Elba Presentation 4D Ring Binder 65mm A4+ White (Pack of 10) 400001305
Green Product
Elba Panorama 50mm 4 D-Ring Presentation Binder A4 Blue (Pack of 4) 400008431
Oxford Display Book Polyvision 40 Pocket PP A4 Clear 100206232
Elba Snap Wallet Polypropylene A4 Assorted (Pack of 5) 3 For 2 BX810446
Elba Classy 70mm Lever Arch File A4 Metallic Silver 400021007
Green Product
Elba Strongline Spring Pocket File Foolscap Red (Pack of 25) 100090278
Elba Vision 2 Ring Binder Plastic Coated Board A4 Black 100080886
Green Product
Elba Stratford Spring Pocket File 320gsm Foolscap Yellow (Pack of 25) 100090150
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