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Gem Sugar Granulated  1 KG bag
Nescafe Gold Blend Coffee 750g.  12284102
Kenco Really Rich Freeze Dried Instant Coffee 750 gm
Kenco Smooth Instant Coffee  750 gm
Jacobs Mini Cheddars Original Grab Bag (Pack of 30) 36564
Haribo Giant Yellow Bellies Tub 096444
Maoam Stripes Share Size Bag 140g (Pack of 12) 580730
Lindt Lindor Truffles Mint Chocolate 200g FOLIL006
Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps 32.5g (Pack of 32) 121796
Fairtrade White Sugar Canister 0403105
Duerrs Strawberry Jam (Pack of 96) 70101259
Tate & Lyle Fine Vending Sugar 2kg A00696
McVities Hobnobs Biscuits Twin Pack (Pack of 48) 39706
Walkers Salt and Vinegar Crisps 32.5g (Pack of 32) 121795
Cafe Bronte Twin Mini Variety Biscuits (Pack of 100) NWT859
Cadbury Nuttier Peanut/Almond Chocolate 40g (Pack of 15) 4260510
Border Biscuits Single Packs (Pack of 150) A08071
Nestle Big Biscuit Box (Includes: Breakaway Kit Kat Toffee Crisp Yorkie Blue Riband) 12313923
Nestle Quality Street Tin 1kg 12394801
McVities Digestives Portion (Packs (Pack of 48) 48020
Mentos Mint Sweets Pillow Packs 3kg 900
MyCafe Brown Sugar Sachets (Pack of 1000) A00890
Smint Mint 3 boxes of 1000 8402901
Green & Blacks 35g Dark Chocolate (Pack of 30) 611635
Oreo Biscuits Twin Pack (Pack of 24) 915529
Cadbury Twirl Bites Share Bag 95g 4240114
Cadbury Twirl 43g (Pack of 48) 611498
Mars Bars 51g No Artificial Colours or Preservatives (Pack of 48) 100513
Lotus Biscoff 250g (Pack of 10) 70103191
Metcalfes Skinny Popcorn SweetnSalt (Pack of 24) 0401139
Haribo Giant Happy Cherries Sweets Tub 12244
Its Brown Sauce Sachets (Pack of 200) 60121314
McVities Victoria Catering Assortment 1200g (An assortment of milk dark and white chocolate) 11876
Haribo Starmix Minis 20g Bags (Pack of 100) 72443
Haribo Giant Strawbs Sweets Share Size Bag 140g (Pack of 12) 095730
Cafe Etc Concerto Biscuit Individually Wrapped ETC044
Total 148 products
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